The beauty that surrounds us

A voyage at sea can offer you the chance to widen your horizons, expand your limits and change your perspective towards the world and things that really matter in life. From all means of transportation, travelling by sea is the best choice a person can make in order to fulfill more goals at the same time: moving from one place to another, but having also time to enjoy the ride and the beauty it brings along the way. Travelling by sea can help you touch famous or remote territories, visit very crowded or less visited ports and cities from different corners of the world. You can also step onto wild and deserted islands where only few tourists have arrived before or where only the rich ones have the privilege to do so. Visiting new places can be one of the reasons for which one can choose to travel by sea, but not the most important one. Because, while the ship you are travelling by is moving gently towards the destination, all the nature that surrounds you is waiting to be discovered and admired. And which place can offer you this comfort if not the forward station of any cargo vessel?

Apart from being just a way of transportation, a trip on board a cargo vessel can bring out the beauty of the nature as you have never witnessed before. Nature can help you maintain a close relation with the Universe and understanding the importance of this relation is a very important part of a happy and fulfill life. Where else can you admire the beauty of the surrounding nature at its large if not on a vessel crossing the Seas and Oceans of the world? The vastness of the water around you, the immense blue of the skies above and your vessel in the middle of them all, making its way towards shore.

Everyday at sea is different. A normal passage day at sea – without the interesting part of entering or going out from the port – can help you discover the beauty and splendor of nature and the different ways in which the Universe (you may call it GOD) communicates with us.

All you have to do is embrace the nature that surrounds you at every hour of the day, notice the changes in weather, winds, waves and fauna and try to spend as much time as possible outside – forward or just on the wing – to get closer to the water and its hidden secrets.

Regardless the Sea or Ocean your vessel is crossing and irrespective the season, the hemisphere and the time of the day, you will always find something worth seeing outside – a bird or a fish, a cloud or a star, a distant territory or just the vastness of the sea. Everything you can see around you is only nature at its highest grandeur and everything must be observed with eyes wide open and the photo camera ready to shot.

During daylight or during night time, the sky can offer you one of the best shows nature must be very proud of – sunsets, sunrises, a sky full of stars by night or full of interesting shape like clouds by day. In front of the sea you may stay for hours and hours, without uttering a word and only watching the waves going up and down, like following a very strict rhythm. (read more about sky and sea here)

Sailing into the Sunset Atlantic OceanSunset in the Atlantic Ocean

Sunrise Charleston (2)Sunrise in the Port of Charleston, USA

Clouds reflecting on calm the calm sea - Gulh of MexicoClouds in the Gulf of Mexico

Regardless the height of the waves or the speed of the wind you will always witness some incredible moments because another important element can come to make your days even brighter – the fauna.

You can spend your time bird watching, using the binoculars or just the naked eyes, trying to distinguish between different species of birds or just watching them doing all kind of activities around the vessel. (read more here)

IMG_7644Bird watching in the Gulf of Mexico

You can also watch different types of fishes – big or small – jumping around in the proximity of the vessel or swimming few meters beneath it. The most common fish you will see is the flying fish. Jumping out of the water and flying few centimeters above the surface (sometimes as high as 10 meters) the flying fish can actually glide through air for more than 100 meters before plunging back into the water. They have different sizes and colours and you can find them especially in tropical and subtropical waters, but also a little up north, even in the Mediterranean Sea.

Flying fish in the Atlantic Ocean

Flying fish in the Gulf of Mexico

Flying fish

Sometimes you can get the chance of noticing – for only few seconds – some huge creatures – like different kinds of sharks, sword fish and tunas – but you will probably not get the chance of photographing them. Moments like these are very rare and you must be very grateful you had the chance of spotting them, even if for only one second.

If you are lucky you can witness other incredible moments when some very intelligent and playful creatures make their appearance to add a note of amusement to the scenery. They are the dolphins and you will get very much in love with these animals the first time you have the pleasure of seeing them close by. You may have watched some shows having dolphins as main characters at the Aquarium before, but nothing compares with the direct interaction you can get when admiring these beautiful animals in the wild. All you have to do is be patient and your effort will be paid off. (read more here)


Apart from birds and fish, you can also have the opportunity of watching whales, sea lions, crocodiles, turtles and penguins if you are lucky enough to reach their territories at the right time.

IMG_9931Turtle in the Atlantic Ocean

Moon fish in the Mediterannean SeaMoon fish in the Mediterranean Sea

Penguin in South Atlantic OceanPenguin in South Atlantic Ocean

Sealion approaching the vessel in South Atlantic OceanSea lion in South Atlantic Ocean

Sealion in South Atlantic (2)– Sea lion in South Atlantic Ocean –

Sealion in South Atlantic– Sea lion in South Atlantic Ocean –

Whale watching in Golfo Nuevo ArgentinaWhale watching in Golfo Nuevo, Argentina

whale watching in Golfo Nuevo South Atlantic– Whale watching in Golfo Nuevo, Argentina –

Whale watching in Golfo Nuevo– Whale watching in Golfo Nuevo, Argentina –

The Sea is amazing and it can offer you the most incredible moments of your life if you are willing to let yourself blown by the winds and burnt by the sun in order to watch it at different moments of the day. In the end, you will go home with a ‘bag’ full of wonderful memories, hundreds of photos to be shared with your friends and the forever desire of coming back and experience another voyage, maybe on a different sea and during a different season.


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