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Visitors in the anchorage (Puerto Madryn)

Visitors at anchorage

Two years ago, I was travelling on HS Liszt in the winter of the South Atlantic Ocean. The ship was calling some Argentinian ports with the southern most point Puerto Deseado, ~ 1000 km North of Ushuaia, ‘el fin de mondo’. Although it was winter time, the weather was not very bad and, with temperatures of 14-15 degrees at midday, I could enjoy few hours outside every day. When the sun was shining up in the sky, the day was even brighter and happier for me and for some very funny creatures which enjoyed the sunny day even more.

Whale watching in Argentina (June-August 2012)

Whale watching

The Southern Right Whale can be found in the southern hemisphere, both in the Atlantic and in the Pacific Ocean and it always migrates to warmer waters to breed during the winter. The Right Whale is the slowest of all whales – moving with a speed which does not exceed 10 knots – and it got its name from the whalers who found it ‘the right whale’ to hunt, due to the fact that it was easy to approach and had a high economical value.