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Celebrating Easter on board HS Beethoven

Easter on board

Holidays on board are always welcome and must be celebrated with joy and (at least) a festive dinner where all the crew can get together to share a glass and a nice conversation. Last year I spent Easter on board HS Bruckner in the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean Sea, underway to Malta and in the middle of a joyful team of Romanians, Montenegrins and Filipinos. Both the Catholic and the Orthodox Easters were celebrated in the same day and everybody was more than happy to take part in the event and get involved in the preparations as much as possible.

Easter on board HS Bruckner

Easter on board is always a very good reason to celebrate and a special occasion for the crew to get together and have fun. This year, Catholic and Orthodox Church celebrated Easter in the same day, a more important reason for everybody on board to join forces and participate in the event.

Holidays and celebrations on board

When you are at sea, far away from home and your loved ones, the 20-22 members of the crew become your second family for the duration of your voyage. Together with them you travel on calm and rough seas and spend sunny and rainy days, quiet Sundays and white nights in the crowded ports of the world, holidays and celebrations.