Is there any fun on board a container vessel?

There are many things that can be considered ‘fun’ on board a container vessel but the most important thing is what you consider to be fun. Most of the passengers travelling on container vessels choose this way of travelling especially for the peace and quiet it can bring along, allowing them to relax, slow down and enjoy everyday life as it comes along.

A voyage on a cargo vessel can offer you the time to discover the world that surrounds you and discover yourself – all the pleasures and hobbies you used to love, but almost forgot about because your stressful and hectic life ashore, all your secret passions that stay dormant waiting for the perfect time to come to life.

Bird watching is one of the most common activities passengers really enjoy while travelling on container vessels.

Bird watching onboard HS Bach

HS Bach bird watching

You can have a swim in the swimming pool (weather permitting), play a game of ping pong, chess or darts with some of the guys, do some sport in the gym, watch a movie in the Recreation Room.


having fun on board HS Bruckner

Playing darts on board HS Bach

You can lie in a sunbed catching some sun – with a book in one hand or with your headphones on.

Relaxing on board HS Puccini

If you place your sunbed forward, you have to pay attention to everything that happens around you, keep your eyes wide open and you may witness some incredible show, having dolphins as main characters. These clever animals enjoy playing with the vessel and often come forward to exercise their skills in jumping, diving and swimming very close to the bulb. You can spend few minutes admiring these beautiful creatures and getting amazed about their performance. This experience can be very exciting, emotional and it sure brings a lot of fun.

Dolphins playing with HS Bruckner

Dolphins playing with HS Bach


If you are lucky you can take part in some on board celebrations like birthdays or other holidays (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, National Day, New Year’s Day). It is always fun to raise a glass of wine in the honor of somebody’s birthday and join the party with nice and interesting conversation or even some karaoke.

Birthday on board HS Bruckner– Birthday on board HS Bruckner

Christmas Party onboard HS Puccini– Christmas on board HS Puccini

Celebrating Easter on board HS Bruckner– Easter on board HS Bruckner

Haloween party on HS Puccini– Halloween Party on board HS Puccini

Halloween party on board HS Puccini-Halloween Party on board HS Puccini –

You can test your singing ability with some of your  favorite songs, playing some musical instruments ( on most vessels you can find at least one musical instrument – a guitar) or you just enjoy the evening listening to some other guys singing. Most of these celebrations take place in the Recreation Room where people get together mostly every day after working hours to relax and share some time with each other. Here you can spend the most interesting moments of your voyage if you are lucky to find some nice people on board willing to tell you some amazing stories. You can share your experience with others and also find out interesting things about life at sea and everything else you may consider worth learning.

Party with karaoke and guitars on board HS Liszt– Karaoke night on board HS Liszt

A little fun after working hours onboard HS Bach– Getting together in the Recreation Room after working hours, on board HS Bach

You can also experience a real outside barbeque party where you can meet and socialize with all the crew, regardless of their rank. If weather and time permitted a barbeque party can take place once a month and it brings along good food cooked on a fire grill, music and (sometimes) karaoke – all happening outside, in a designated area.

Suckling pig on the grill - Barbeque on board HS Bach

Party with karaoke and guitars on board HS Bach

Barbeque on board HS Bach

If you are lucky to get few hours of anchorage, you can even try some fishing. You do not have to carry your tools with you because you can always find some fishing equipment on board. All you need is patience, a good fishing spot and some more ‘fury friends’ to join the party.


Visitors in the anchorage - HS Liszt


Meeting new friends on HS Liszt

Another interesting (and fun) event you can witness while on board a vessel is a baptism party for one of the members of the crew. This kind of ‘baptism’ is given to the crew member who comes for the first time on a vessel or for crossing the equator. You can even be part of the ‘baptism’, receive the baptism certificate from the God Neptune and join the others in their ceremony.

Baptism ceremony on board HS Bach– Baptism ceremony on board HS Bach

Fun on board a container vessel can be a lot more different than any other type of fun you are used to, but it will help you build some amazing and unforgettable memories. Be sure to take as many photos as you can and write down everything interesting that comes in your way in order to share your experience with people from home.

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