Going ashore in Valencia, Spain

The beautiful port of Valencia is very big and well organized, with many terminals which are connected through a new and large highway. TCV (Terminal Contenidores Valencia) is the port where most container vessels are coming.


Inside the port, you are not allowed to walk along the pier and for this reason there is a shuttle bus service available and very efficient. You can call for it directly from a normal phone (using the number which is provided) or you can go on the pier and ask somebody to do it for you (stevedore, foreman). Even if the port is busy, you’ll not have to wait more than 10-15 minutes for it and you’ll arrive to the gate in less than 5 minutes. At the gate, the officers on duty will call a taxi to take you into town and you should not pay more than 25-30 Euros for the ride.

If you want to save some money, you can take the taxi only up to Station Maritima (Marina Real close to Avenida del Puerto) from where you can take a bus or the metro to continue your trip to the centre. In this case, you will pay only ~ 10 Euros for the taxi and 1.5 Euros for the bus (~ 2 Euros for the metro).

Be sure to take notes of the exact name of your port and terminal and pay attention to the road, especially the area close to the gate, until leaving the port completely. You will need this when coming back, as most of the taxi drivers do not know the area and, even if they say they understood exactly your destination, they can be completely confused. The area is quite new, lots of roads look very much the same and also the gates can be very similar. So, be sure you know your way back (the area close to the port) in order to make things better. The driver will find the right way eventually, but you’ll waste some time (and even money).

Going into town is always easier than coming back. By taxi, bus or metro, you’ll arrive in the centre in 20-25 minutes ( the trip by bus is a little longer).

The most common places considered ‘centre of Valencia’ are: Plaça del Ayuntamiento (City Hall Square) and Plaça de la Reina. From here you can start your strolling around the city. Be sure not to miss some important landmarks like Estacio del Nord ( Railway Station), Plaça de Toros ( Bullfight Arena), Plaça de la Virgen with its Basilica de los Desamparados, Porta del Mar, Turia Gardens.

Valencia Plaça del Ayuntamiento– Plaça del Ayuntamiento

Valencia Placa de la Virgen– Plaça de la Virgen

Valencia Santa Iglesia CatedralSanta Iglesia Catdedral

Estacion Nord ValenciaEstacio del Nord

Valencia Plaça de Toros– Bullfight Arena

Valencia Porta del MarPorta del Mar

Mercado Central (Central Market) is one place you really need to see. It is the largest market in Europe dedicated to fresh foods and it is located very close to Plaça del Ayuntamiento, in one of the most important buildings of Valencian modernist architecture. The market will offer you an experience you will never forget and it will bring all your senses to life, thanks to a very diversified display of fruits, vegetables, fish, seafood, wines, dairy products, different types of meat, dried fruits, sweets and many more.

Mercat Central Valencia

Mercat Central Valencia 13

Mercat Central Valencia 2

If you have a longer day in the city, you can pay a visit to the very new and modern Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias where you can find some important museums like: Science Museum, Art Museum, Oceanographic Museum and Planetarium.


Tips and recommendations:

– If you travel by bus, be sure to have small money with you as the bus driver is not allowed to receive bills bigger than 20 Euros.

– Few people in Valencia speak and understand English. For this reason, it’s better if you know basic Spanish or, at least, some useful phrases and words. The taxi drivers are very friendly and always willing to help, but they also have difficulties in using proper English. They will be very happy if you try and speak a little Spanish and you can take advantage from this fact, as taxi drivers can be the most valuable guides in town.

Mercado Central is open only until 3 p.m, it is closed on Sunday and also on public holidays. If you want to enjoy the best of it, you should visit the Market in the morning. Taking into account the fact that Valencia is a city of Fiesta and Feria all year round, you should know that the Market is closed whenever the city is celebrating something and sometimes even the day after the holiday.

– If you want to have some traditional meal while in town, the best solution is one of the restaurants in Plaça de la Reina or in vicinity.

– In the area between Plaça del Ayuntamiento and Plaça de la Reina, you will find also a very good display of shops and even Malls (the most famous shopping Mall is El Corte Ingles).


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