Going ashore in Piraeus, Greece

The Port of Piraeus is the biggest port of Greece and one of the most crowded ports of the Mediterranean Sea, handling passengers and cargo. If you arrive in Piraeus on board a port container vessel you’ll get alongside in the TCP Port, also known by the general name of COSCO, not very far from the Passenger Terminal, where ferries are coming and going every hour.

Walking inside the port is prohibited, but a yellow shuttle bus is available and ready to assist if it is called upon. When you arrive at the gate (there is only one gate) and after the required check up, you can ask the Security Officer to call a taxi for you to go into town.

If you have only 2 hours to spend, you can only have a walk alongside the Passenger Terminal– where you can find many shops and supermarkets. For this reason, ask the taxi driver to drop you closer to the supermarket Carrefour where you can do some shopping inside the big shop, but also on the surrounding streets, after/before walking around the tourist port and admiring different kinds of ships and yachts.

If you have more time available and want to make an idea about the city of Athens you can ask the taxi driver to take you there. The ride can cost up to 30 euros and may last for ~ 30 minutes, but you have to be very careful because the streets can get crowded and stuck very easily and the last thing you need is waste one hour underway to the centre of Athens. A better choice is the train.


From the TCP Port, you can ask the taxi driver to take you to the Gate 7-8, where you can find the Train Station.Here, there is the beginning of the train line, the trains are coming every 5 minutes and you will arrive in front of the Acropolis in 15 minutes A single ticket costs 1.20 euros and it is valid for 70 minutes on all public transportation, meaning that you can take the train, get down at Thissio Station, have a short walk at the foot of the Acropolis and come back using the same ticket.



If you want, you can extend your visit, change the train line and get down at Sintagma Square (the Parliament Building) where you can admire the official change of the Guards, a very popular tourist attraction or you can have a walk in Athens’ biggest park.

Travelling by taxi in Piraeus and Athens is not expensive at all (even very cheap if it is a shared taxi) – compared with other European countries – but it can be time consuming. For this reason you can always count on the train/metro if you want to arrive in time and do not get trapped in some traffic congestion, which happens especially between May and October.

To move from TCP Port to the train station, the taxi fare can be 7-8 euros and if you want to go to Carrefour you’ll have to pay ~ 10 euros.

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