Going ashore in Ambarli, Istanbul

The Port of Ambarli is generally referred to as the Port of Istanbul and it is situated on the North shore of Marmara Sea, about 34 km West of Istanbul. It is a part of the Port of Istanbul, but it is a separate and independent port, handling all sorts of vessels.

Walking inside the terminal is not allowed, but a very efficient shuttle bus service runs 24/7 in order to take the seamen from their vessels to the gate and to bring them back.

Depending on your time of stay inside the port, you can spend a few hours in a nearby shopping Mall or you can venture yourself and visit the big city of Istanbul.

In both cases, you will need a taxi to take you from the gate to the Marmara Park area, which is a very big and crowded shopping area, 15 minutes away from the port. Here you will find a very wide display of individual shops, a huge supermarket called MIGROS and a big Mall (Marmara Park), all of them situated on both sides of the street and connected by a bridge. From the port to this shopping area, you will have to pay only around 7 euro for the taxi.

If you have more available time, you can try your luck and pay a visit to the centre of Istanbul where you can wander around the streets, admiring some of the local landmarks, the big bazaar, the Egyptian bazaar (the spicy market) and everything you might find interesting. Istanbul is a wonderful city which can be a perfect destination for a few day city break, but it can also be visited during a few hour trip if you have the opportunity to arrive with your vessel in one of the ports serving the big city. A taxi can take you from the Port of Ambarli to the centre of Istanbul for ~ 50 euros. The time required to cover the ~ 35 km ride can vary quite a lot depending on the traffic. If the streets are not crowded and no accident takes place on the route, the ride by car can last ~ half an hour. This does not happen very often and, as the area is usually very crowded, the ride from Ambarli Port to Istanbul centre lasts for one hour, but can be extended to one hour and a half.

If you want to save some money and also save a lot of time, you can use the public transportation – the Metro Bus (a bus, not a subway) – which can take you to the same destination in ~ 30 minutes and for only few liras.

The closest Metro Bus stop is in the vicinity of Marmara Park, exactly on the bridge which connects the two sides of the shopping area. The Bus lane runs in the middle of the street and it is completely separated from the others lanes, keeping the traffic smooth and avoiding the traffic jams.


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