Entering the Port of Tauranga, NZ

Entering Tauranga

Tauranga Harbour is an extensive harbour, with a mostly low, sandy foreshore, formed between Matakana Island and the mainland to the West. Most of the SE part of the harbour is occupied by shallow or drying banks of sand and shell between which there are a few navigational channels.

From the sea, Tauranga Harbour is approached through a dredged channel across Matakana Bank and it is entered West of Mount Maunganui, 2 miles SSW.

Mount Maunganui Tauranga, NZ


Maunganui, Tauranga, NZ

Shallow waters and islets Tauranga Harbour

The city of Tauranga stands about 3 miles South of the entrance.




Sulphur Point Tauranga Wharf Container Terminal contains 600 meters of berthing space divided into three berths.

A bigger port container vessel (longer than 200 meters) can get alongside only if at least one of the other berths is free, offering enough space for maneuvering.

The vessel can come starboard side or portside alongside the pier and a complete swing is required either on arrival or on departure. The swing must be performed to starboard side with the help of two tugs – one pulling in the starboard shoulder and the other pushing in the starboard side quarter.




Vessel portside alongside in Tauranga, NZ

If you are interested, you can watch the entering and the departure maneuver in format full HD.

You can watch the ..

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