Entering the port of Sines, Portugal

Entering Sines

Entering the Port of Sines

Porto de Sines is situated on the South side of Cabo de Sines – on the West Coast of Portugal – and extends up to 3 miles SE from the Cape. It is major industrial centre with deep water terminals equipped to handle all kind of vessels.

The pilot boards 2 or 3 miles S of the West breakwater. The entrance to the port, between the head of Molhe Oeste and that of Molhe Leste, is deep and wide.

Approaching the Port of Sines

Entering the Port of Sines

There are 8 terminals – each designated for different kind of vessels – and Terminal XXI is the container terminal which can accommodate vessels along its 370-meter berth.

To come portside alongside, the vessel has to swing to starboard side inside the port basin with the help of two tugs.

Swinging to starboard side inside Port Sines-swinging to starboard side –

Swinging to starboard side inside Port Sines– swinging to starboard side –

Vessel alongside in the Port of Sines– vessel alongside –

If you are interested, you can watch the entering maneuver video here:

Entering the port of Sines

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  1. mary says:

    It would be interesting to know what cargo is moved in and out of Portugal from these docks… are there Portuguese imports and exports, or is the port an entry and exit for cargo movements from other European countries, such as France and Spain?

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