Easter on board HS Bruckner

Easter on board is always a very good reason to celebrate and a special occasion for the crew to get together and have fun. This year, Catholic and Orthodox Church celebrated Easter in the same day, a more important reason for everybody on board to join forces and participate in the event.

For me it was not the first Easter spent on board. Two years ago, Easter found me on a vessel in the South Atlantic Ocean, together with 3 Romanians and 21 Filipinos. We had planned to celebrate Easter in a more traditional style – with painted eggs and lamb, but we couldn’t do it. The ship was supposed to enter the small port of San Antonio Este (Argentina) one week before Easter, offering us the opportunity to go out and buy the paint required for the eggs, but due to some changes, we had to drop the anchor and wait for the whole Easter week to pass. So, we did not celebrate Easter in the traditional way, but I took part in the greatest fishing parties of my life (you can read the story here).

This year, we planned and started our Easter preparation well in advance. With paint brought from Romania, eggs bought from USA, Romanian panetonne made by Captain and lots of chocolate bunnies, I celebrated Easter in the Mediterranean Sea, under way to Malta, together with a multinational crew – Romanians, Serbians, Croatians, Montenegrins, Filipinos and one Maltese.

Extract from HS Bruckner diary:

“After the party we had on Saturday, we had the Easter lunch in the same place, outside, on F Deck, without music or karaoke. Cookie prepared lamb in the oven and many other goodies and I tried to bring a little of Romanian tradition on board. Except few Romanians and one Maltese cadet, all the other officers come from ex-Yugoslavia and their rituals are very similar to ours. They also celebrate Easter with painted eggs, lamb, red wine and ‘panetone’, the ‘special Easter cake’. The rest of the crew members – Filipino nationality – are all Catholics and, even if they do not paint eggs for Easter, I was sure they would enjoy the festive event and everything it would bring along.

I went down in the galley early in the Saturday morning to paint the eggs and prepare some other special food I always prepare for special occasions.

Easter preparations

The most important food you always find on the Easter table in the house of Romanians (and of Balkan people) is the panetone, called ‘cozonac’. Nowadays, more and more house wives prefer to buy this from the bakery shop and not waste their time to prepare it themselves, but this year, captain took the great responsibility to make this special cake, regardless the difficulty of work and the time required to accomplish the mission.

Preparing the panetone on HS Bruckner

So, after a little more than 4 hours of hard work and around 45 minutes in the oven, the ‘panetone’ was finally done – looking very impressive and tasting delicious.

Easter panetone on HS Bruckner

All these delicious meals being prepared one day in advance, on Easter day I only had to arrange the tables and decorate them in a very funny – yet traditional – manner with many bunnies, eggs, chicks and lambs, all of them made of chocolate. I didn’t do everything alone, because our steward was eager to help me and he even came with some interesting and artistic ideas to decorate our space.

Celebrating Easter - festive lunch on HS Bruckner

Easter on board HS Bruckner

I put the final touch – decorating the bare metal walls with a few banners, wishing everybody ‘a happy Easter’, in different languages.

Happy Easter

I know how difficult can be to celebrate Easter (or some other important celebrations) on board, away from family and friends, but I hope I brought a little joy to these people who belonged – at least for a few months – to the same big ‘family’ – the ‘family’ of HS Bruckner. I know that – especially during holidays – seamen miss their families more than ever and they would rather be home with their wives and kids, than on the ship, in the middle of nowhere. I hope I helped them feel a little less sad this year and I am really glad I had the chance of spending very emotional and happy hours in such a good company. It was a very special day for me and I will never forget it.”

Celebrating Easter - HS Bruckner

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