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Jules – passenger on board HS Beethoven

I have always admired people who are travelling around the world in search of adventure and I have a great respect especially for those who are making a lot of sacrifices in order to fulfill their dreams. Money is not the most important issue in this equation, but there are other significant elements which must be taken into account when thinking about travelling as a way of living – courage, willingness to give up the security and comfort of your own home (and environment) and throw yourself into the unknown, an open mind to understand and embrace the differences between races and religions, the capability to adjust to new habits and requirements and a positive attitude towards the world and everything may come along the way.

Mary – passenger on board HS Beethoven

I love meeting new and interesting people and I am always looking forward to welcoming new passengers on board the container vessels I am travelling on. I sometimes imagine a lot of things about them before the actual meeting face to face, but I am always taken by surprise and amazed at their real life stories, no matter how different from one another they might be, regardless of their ages, countries of origin, reasons for travelling on a freighter or perspectives on the world.

Alex – passenger on board HS Beethoven

Alex joined our vessel in Hong Kong, on the same day we started the voyage on HS Beethoven. I am always anxious to meet new passengers on board and to learn interesting stories of long life desires of travelling on cargo vessels as most of our passengers have. Alex was surely one of them and he’d had this dream of becoming a sailor since he was a young man. As life took him on different paths, he had his chance of fulfilling his dream about traveling at sea only now when he was retired and enjoyed a lot of free time to do things he liked best.

Melodie – passenger on board HS Bach

In May 2013, I joined HS Bach for a five month contract which proved to be one of the most amazing voyages of my life so far. Apart from taking me to some unknown territories – like Mexico – this vessel offered me the chance of meeting many interesting people and I am very happy to see that most of them became very good friends of mine. Being chartered by one of the biggest shipping company in the world, CMA CGM, our ship received – during our contract – eight passengers on board, all of them signing on for the Atlantic crossing. Melodie was the first of them.

Elke – passenger on board HS Bach

I met Elke in September 2013 when she joined our vessel – HS Bach – in Bremerhaven for a trip across the Atlantic, towards Charleston. When I first saw her on the portside wing, upon our departure from the port, I was very happy to discover that, apart from being a very nice lady who loved the sea, she also shared my passion for Italy – Italian music, Italian language and Italian everything.

Roberto – passenger on board HS Bruckner

Roberto came on our vessel – HS Bruckner – at the beginning of February. He joined us in Valencia, after walking his way from Switzerland and the crossing over the Atlantic is just a part of a bigger trip around the world which will cover many countries over a longer period of time.

Oliver, passenger on board HS Bach

Oliver came on board HS Bach in Bremerhaven, in August last year. The minute he arrived in the Ship’s office with his backpack and his blue eyes, a little shy, but very alert and eager to start his adventure, I understood he was for the first time on a vessel. I was a little amazed by his very young age and curious to find out the reasons for which he chose to travel on a container vessel.

Annemarie, passenger on board HS Bach

Annemarie came on our vessel in August last year and she joined the ship in Hamburg. I could not meet her when she arrived, as I was busy entertaining some guests, but I managed to make her acquaintance few minutes before the ship left the port. I was accompanying our friends who were leaving the vessel and I got stuck in the door, being kept prisoner by our guests’ two kids.

Helen, passenger on board HS Bach

I met Helen in September 2013 when she joined our vessel HS Bach in Miami. The minute I saw her, I knew that we’d become very good friends as I really liked her nice smiling face and her beautiful and bright eyes. We spent our first hour together on the starboard side wing, watching the departure maneuver from the port and changing a few words about each other’s lives.