Approaching Port Everglades, USA

Entering Port Everglades

Port Everglades is an artificial harbour, situated about 2 miles South of the city of Fort Lauderdale. It is an important commercial deep water port, handling different types of vessels and it is one of the major cruise ports in the USA.

The city of Fort Lauderdale, known as ‘The Venice of America’, is the centre of one of the world’s largest pleasure boat complexes and boat building industries.

Approaching the port during daylight and in good visibility offers you the opportunity to admire the skylines of two of the most famous holiday destinations in the whole USA – Miami Beach, on the left and Fort Lauderdale Beach, on the right.

Miami BeachMiami Beach

Fort Lauderdale BeachFort Lauderdale Beach

The access to the port is through the Entrance Channel, than the vessel arrives into the turning basin, round which the majority of the wharves lies and then it continues its way to the left ( on the right side the cruise vessel are docked).

Entering Port Everglades

Port Everglades - turning Basin

The vessel can get starboard side alongside in one of the wharves which are situated on the left side, along the navigational channel, or can get inside the small basin on the right side of the channel, in which case it will get port side alongside. While approaching the berth, the vessel will slowly run through the middle of the channel, passing by other docked vessels on the right and a beautiful green island on the left. This island is a national protected park – called ‘Lloyd Park’ – and it is a favourite week-end and holiday destination for people who are living in the nearby cities. The park has its own beach – very long and wide – and it is completely covered with small trees which offer the perfect shadow retreat for the hot summer days. People come on the island to spend few hours in the nature, to enjoy the beach and even to attend some barbeque parties which are held here mostly at the end of the week.


Lloyd Park - Port Everglades

Approaching the berth in Port Everglades

Approaching the berth Port Everglades

While getting alongside requires usually a very fast and uncomplicated maneuver, leaving the dock and going out of the port needs a more difficult and slower one. Because the area is very narrow, the vessel has to run astern for more than a mile – pulled by a tug in the aft – until it arrives in the larger basin where it can make the turn. With another little push from the starboard side tug, the vessel is nicely directed with the bow towards the exit and it goes out from the port through the 120 meter wide opening.



On the left, the scenery gets very interesting while the vessel is approaching the residential area situated exactly on the shores on the left side. Close to the exit towards the sea, the upper port side wing of the vessel offers a wonderful view over the golden sand beach of Fort Lauderdale.

Leaving Port Everglades

Residential area - Port Everlades - inside basin (3)

Residential area - Port Everlades - inside basin

Fort Lauderdale Beach (3)



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