Who is travelling on container vessels?

There are three distinct categories of people who are traveling on container vessels.

The first category belongs to the people who really enjoy traveling by sea and choose this kind of cruising especially for the beauty and adventure of it. These people are either the adventurous type, or the  lonesome type.

The adventurous type spends all day keeping himself very busy. At sunrise you can find him on the bridge – with a coffee in one hand and the binoculars in the other, enjoying the  wonderful scenery and checking  the horizon for some interesting appearances like birds,  fish or other vessels. After having a frugal breakfast, he will start his long walks on deck, taking a break from time to time only to drink water and charge the battery of his photo camera. Then, he will go on the bridge and find a good spot from where to watch over the sea, but also to keep an eye on everything that takes place there, ready to notice, to ask questions and to take notes. After finding the answers to his most intriguing questions, he will move few decks down for a 20 minute lunch, ready to be back on the bridge, for more questions, more notes.

During all afternoon, you can find him on the bridge – book in one hand, but eyes wide open, scrutinizing the horizons. If weather is nice outside, he can spend his entire afternoon moving from aft to forward, on starboard side or portside, depending on the wind because after one day, he already knows the most important things concerning winds and waves and he will try to apply all these new discoveries in his best interest. In the evening, he will be more than happy to accept somebody’s invitation to the Recreation Room in order to have a chat with  the other members of the crew and find out more about life at sea. He will answer invitation from anybody, regardless rank, age or nationality because he is open minded and wants to meet new people, learn interesting things, hear amazing stories, from different points of view. After a few days onboard, he will have visited at least once every little space on the vessel – on deck, on the bridge, in the engine room – and he will have an idea about most of the things and works to be done on the ship. For a guy like this (woman as well) days are always too short and the trip finishes always too fast. In the end, he will not leave the vessel without giving thanks to everybody because he will be very grateful for everything he learned while on board, he will gain some new friends and he will take lots of memories with him. Few days after his departure, the crew (or at least a part of the crew) will really miss him because they enjoyed his company and got used to seeing his face few times a day. Having new faces on board can be a very interesting also for seamen, if they are willing to meet new people and make new friends.

Once at home, the traveler will be able to tell and re-tell the story of his voyage over and over again, until he finds the time (and money) to do it again.

Another type of passenger is the lonesome one. He takes this kind of journey because he loves the sea, but mostly in order to get away from everything ashore, to have a break from work and from the crazy and hectic life he is living, to recharge his batteries for another 11 months of hard work.

During his voyage, he will speak as little as possible, asking questions, but giving also the answers because he is already very well informed about most things. Even from the start he will make sure that everybody understands his intention, in order not to disturb him too much and waste his precious time.

He will spend all day long doing his most beloved activities – reading, taking photos, bird watching and reading again – trying to make up for the lost time when he is working more than 10 hours a day and neglecting his hobbies. While onboard, he will read continuously, book after book – in his cabin or outside (if weather permits it) – coming on the bridge only at certain hours to check the positions on the chart or the temperatures outside. He will also have long walks on deck, but he will prefer these walks to be in perfect silence and solitude and nobody must try to steal this from him. He came on the ship for this reason entirely and, if this is the only place where he can enjoy peace and quiet, everybody should respect his wish. He will not make new friends as he is not interested in socializing and, at the end of his trip, he will leave the ship as quiet as possible, without leaving anything behind. Nobody will miss him because nobody was lucky enough to see him for more than few minutes a day.

All in all, these two types of passengers are the ones who choose exactly this kind of cruise because this is exactly what they want.

Except them, two other types of passengers choose to travel on container vessels at some point in their life – people who move and people who are afraid of flying.

There are many people in this world who decide to move home and need to transfer their belongings (or part of them) to the new location. Some of them move by force, others by choice. Most of the people move from one country to a neighbor country and in this case there is no need for a vessel to move their ‘house’ because the distances are short within the same continent. But, when you have to move between Europe, America, Australia, Asia or Africa, things are getting a little more complicated. In this case, you will have to include a vessel in your ways of transportation as transport by sea is still the cheapest mean of transport worldwide. You can deposit all your belongings in one container ( for which you’ll have to pay a certain amount of money) and wait for the perfect vessel to come and take them anywhere you decide. This could be a good reason for you to have a voyage at sea and you can book a cabin on the same ship that’s carrying your cargo and accompany it to the destination. Days are passing very quickly at sea, you will arrive safe on the other side of the sea (ocean), together with your precious cargo and you may even enjoy the voyage in the end.

Some other people choose to travel by container vessels in order to avoid flying. They want to cross the Atlantic Ocean (for example) but they do not want to take a plane for this purpose and the most common reason for doing this is because they are afraid of flying. They succeeded in avoiding flying within the borders of their continent, but crossing the Ocean is not so simple. In this case, they can book a trip on a container vessel and cross the Ocean in one week (or more). The price for such a voyage can be a little more expensive than a plane ticket, but the difference is too small to notice and the experience will be unforgettable. It also includes  accommodation, three meals and also the transportation from one point to another. You can also enjoy the trip and regard it as a real holiday, full of new discoveries.

No matter which category of passengers you belong to, be sure to make the best of your trip, plan it carefully, live it with your eyes and soul wide open and share your experience with people you love or even you don’t know.

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