Going ashore in Charleston, USA

To get out of the port, the most reliable choice is to call for a taxi with TWIC permit. There is no shuttle bus available inside the port and walking is not permitted. For these reasons, taxis which hold a TWIC permit are allowed to enter the port and pick up clients exactly from the ship.

Most of these taxis are minivans that can take up to 9 people at the same time. In this case the fee you’ll have to pay is smaller as it is deductible for 9 people going in the same direction. A ride to the city can costs ~ 55-60$ and it is better if you find more people interested in sharing the taxi.

Most passengers and seamen arriving in the port of Charleston go out to the shopping area known by the name as Best Buy and Wallmart. It doesn’t take more than 20 minutes to get there and, if you do not have much spare time, this can be quite relaxing and even useful. You can find yourself in the paradise of shopping, with such a display of products that can satisfy even the pickiest clients.  Only up to the Shopping Area, the taxi ride can take 20 minutes and can costs 45$.

There are different taxi companies which are allowed to come inside the Port of Charleston (which hold a TWIC permit) and they have different fees for the ride to the center or to the Mall. Some of them charge 15-20$ a person for a return ride, but they will only be available if the group of people is bigger than 6-7 to make their ride worthwhile. It’s better to ask them in advance (when making the call) about the fee they are about to charge and choose the most convenient one.

If you are interested in history, landscapes or architecture from colonial times you can take a walk around the city center and along the streets from the colonial neighborhood.


You can have a ride in one of the green-orange trolleys which move around the city center. They are free for the tourists visiting the center, but a small fee is required if you travel to a greater distance.

Charleston trolley

Do not miss the Street Market, one of the most interesting and vibrant markets you will ever see in the USA. All the products you will find in this market are hand made by local artisans and by artisans from different parts of the world (India, Nepal, Kenya).

Charleston Street Market

Cherlaston Street Market entrance

You can also enjoy a very nice meal in one of the restaurants along the Street Market or you can continue your walk to the sea, to find the exact place where ships are passing through on their way to the port.

Charleston nice pic

Charleston Waterfront



Food –  Crab House Restaurant – Street Market

Charleston Crab House

Crab House Restaurant Charleston


Shopping – Street Market


Christmas shop open all year round – Street Market

Charleston Christmas Shop Street Market

Charleston, Christmas shop Street Market

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