Entering the port of Yantian

Entering Yantian

Yantian Harbour is situated in Guangdong Province in the NW part of Mirs Bay, close to the administrative border with the Hong Kong SAR. The harbour is a natural deep-water port and it is approached through Thai Peng Bay (Mirs Bay) and entered from the E. The principal berthing area consists of the Yantian International Container Terminals (YICT) in the centre of the harbour along with a basin to the West at Yantian West Wharf.

YICT includes 15 berths with a total length of about 8 km and a turning basin 900m long and it can accommodate vessels as big as 400m long.

When entering or leaving Thai Peng Bay, the traffic can get quite crowded as lots of coasters are crossing the area.

The land in the North part of Mirs Bay is high, with the peaks Wutong Shan and Meisha Jian of about 750m high and there is a small islands in the vicinity of the main route – Ping Chau Island.

Entering Yantian

The harbour is affected by fog during spring time – especially in February and March – which can cause poor visibility (under 1000m).

Our vessel HS Onore called the port of Yantian 4 times during our voyage and all the entering maneuvers took place during night time with an average time – between pilot boarding and berthing – of about one hour.

Entering Yantian

HS Onore always came for direct berthing – starboard side alongside – and a swing to starboard side was performed upon departure with the help of two tugs.

Entering Yantian

Entering Yantian

Entering Yantian

You can watch a time lapse video of the departure maneuver here.

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