Entering the Port of New York, USA

If the vessel you are travelling on is calling the port of New York, it is most probably that it will dock in Port Elizabeth or Port Newark – on the West side of Newark Bay, opposite from the big metropolis.

Port Elizabeth and Port Newark are the two major ports belonging to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and are among the biggest and busiest ports for containerized cargo in the USA.

The vessel will take the pilot before entering Lower New York Bay and will continue going up North, having Conney Island on starboard side and Staten Island on the portside.

Approaching New York Conney Island

Conney Island

Then it will pass under Verrazano Narrows Bridge – which connects the two islands – and it will enter Upper New York Bay.

Approaching New York - Verrazano Narrows Bridge

Right after passing under the bridge, you can see the first glimpse of the Statue of Liberty – very small and quite difficult to notice because of the huge buildings in the background. You will also see the proud and beautiful Manhattan sky-line with its skyscrapers of different shapes and colors. The biggest of them all is the new Freedom Tower which was built only few meters away from the Ground Zero – the place where the Twin Towers used to stand before being destroyed in 2001.

The first glimpse of the Statue of Liberty

Manhattan skyline


The vessel will take a left, continuing its way to the West on Kill Van Kull Channel, passing under Bayonne Bridge – which connects Staten Island and New Jersey – and arriving in Newark Bay.

Bayonne Bridge

Port Elizabeth is situated one and a half mile above the entrance of Newark Bay and the Port of Newark is situated a little up North, closer to the city of Newark.

Entering Port Elizabeth– HS Bruckner approaching Port Elizabeth –

HS Bruckner alongside in Port Elizabeth– HS Bruckner alongside in Port Elizabeth –

Sunset over Manhattan– Sunrise over Manhattan –

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