Entering the port of Le Havre, France

The port of Le Havre, at the mouth of the Seine River, is situated to the S and SE of the city of Le Havre and it is one of the most important French commercial ports and the leading French container port.

The port includes an Avant-Port, a few other basins – with different depths – and the tidal Port 2000.

The large container vessels are docked inside the 2000 Terminal – a tidal basin which lies about 2 miles SE of Avant-Port.

We visited the port of Le Havre many times and each time our vessel was docked inside Port 2000, along different berths.

Pilots boarded the vessel by pilot boat or by helicopter ~ 10 miles before approaching the Avant – Port.

Entering Le Havre

Entering Le Havre

The vessel followed the route towards the terminal, passing by Avant-Port, Pettite Port – a yacht harbour – and entered Port 2000 through a wide opening.

Entering Le Havre

Entering Le Havre

Entering Le Havre

Usually, the vessel had to perform a complete swing to starboard side while entering – with the help of two tugs – in order to get starboard side alongside.

Entering Le Havre

Entering Le Havre– Swinging to starboardside –

Entering Le Havre-Approaching the berth –

Entering Le Havre

The departure maneuver was very simple and fast as the vessel proceeded forward after distancing from the pier with the help of one or two tugs, depending on the weather conditions.

If the swing was not performed during the docking maneuver, it must be done at departure.

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