If you want to get in touch with me – to ask me some questions or to share your story on board a port container vessel – you can send me an e-mail.

Please, take into account the fact that while travelling, some time may be required for me to answer. Thank you.

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  1. KAH LOON NEO says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    May i know which website can i book for travelling on container vessels.
    i more like travel from Australia to Malaysia…
    Have any suggestion ?

    Thank you


  2. gregorio says:

    Try to search in CMA CGM group. This is the big french container carrier / charter / owner and some of their ships are even built by design for carrying some numebr of passanger (additional cabins, equipment, etc). Look in google to find – cma cgm. Another owner is Hambur Sud, german, they also take passanger, not that convenient as cma cgm and msotly they operate for south america but who knows, nowodays the ships go everywhere and australia is quite “passanger-like” route for the owner that want to make additional business on passangers on board.
    Best to You.

    • travelc1 says:

      Cma – Cgm is the biggest company which is taking paying passengers. Unfortunately, Hamburg-Sud was bought by Maersk and they will not accept passengers anymore.

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