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Going ashore in Tauranga, New Zealand

Going ashore in Tauranga

The city of Tauranga is situated in the North Island of New Zealand and it is Bay of Plenty’s main centre. It is located on a spectacular harbour, which provides an attractive waterfront setting for walking and biking during sunny days.

Going ashore in Lyttelton, New Zealand

Going ashore in Lyttelton

Lyttelton is the South Island’s largest port and it is situated on an inner harbour in the middle of the North side of Lyttelton Harbour. It is a small, but picturesque town developed around the port and the hills which surround it.

Going ashore in Nouméa, New Caledonia

Going ashore in Noumea

Nouméa is the capital city of New Caledonia, an overseas territory of France, in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It is located in a protected harbor in the southwestern part of the island and represents its chief port and principal economic centre. 

Going ashore in Napier, New Zealand

Going ashore in Napier

The beautiful city of Napier is only 15 minute walk away from its port and it is situated in the Hawke’s Bay, at the foot of Bluff Hill. The port is one of the smallest ports I have ever been into and it can accommodate only few vessels, it does not have gantries, but only big mobile cranes.

Going ashore in Port Chalmers (Port Otago)

Going ashore in Port Chalmers

Port Chalmers is situated in the beautiful Otago Harbour – one of the biggest and most spectacular natural harbours in the world –  and it is surrounded on the East by the Otago Peninsula.

Going ashore in Auckland

Going ashore in Aucland

The biggest port and city in New Zealand, Auckland is situated on an isthmus that connects the northwestern part of the North Island with the North Auckland Peninsula and it is washed by the Tasman Sea (on the West) and Pacific Ocean (on the East).  For this reason, the city has two ports – Manukau Harbour in the West and Waitemata Harbour in the East – known by the names of Auckland West and Auckland East.

Going ashore in Shanghai

Going ashore in Shanghai

Going ashore in the big port of Shanghai is a great challenge for passengers and seafarers alike – from the point of view of expenses and time required – but nevertheless a risk worth taking. With cargo operations taking place at high speed and after 4-5 hours maneuver up the Huangpu River it is very difficult for seamen working on port container vessels to find a little time to go out and visit Shanghai.

Going ashore in Castellón, Spain

Going ashore in Castellon

Castellón is a beautiful artificial harbour serving the city of Castellón de la Plana, situated in the middle of a fertile plain, ~ 70 km NE of Valencia. If you arrive with your vessel in this port, you should try your best and go out for a few hour walk around the city.

Going ashore in Piraeus, Greece


The Port of Piraeus is the biggest port of Greece and one of the most crowded ports of the Mediterranean Sea, handling passengers and cargo. If you arrive in Piraeus on board a port container vessel you’ll get alongside in the TCP Port, also known by the general name of COSCO, not very far from the Passenger Terminal, where ferries are coming and going every hour.

Going ashore in Ambarli, Istanbul


The Port of Ambarli is generally referred to as the Port of Istanbul and it is situated on the North shore of Marmara Sea, about 34 km West of Istanbul. It is a part of the Port of Istanbul, but it is a separate and independent port, handling all sorts of vessels.