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Going ashore in Hong Kong

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The port of Hong Kong is one of the busiest and biggest in the world. Despite of its huge size and numerous terminals, going out of this port is quite an easy task and it requires only a small effort – from the financial and time consuming point of view. But, with cargo operations going at high speed everywhere in the world – and especially in China – you can consider yourself very lucky if your vessel stays alongside more than 12 hours. If the stay is during daytime and your responsibilities on board allow it, you can take this opportunity and go out of the port for a short walk.

Going ashore in Shanghai

Going ashore in Shanghai

Going ashore in the big port of Shanghai is a great challenge for passengers and seafarers alike – from the point of view of expenses and time required – but nevertheless a risk worth taking. With cargo operations taking place at high speed and after 4-5 hours maneuver up the Huangpu River it is very difficult for seamen working on port container vessels to find a little time to go out and visit Shanghai.