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If you have already decided that travelling on board container vessels is what you really like for a few day (week) holiday, you should spend some time on the internet and make the needed research or you should put your trust in a travel agency and let them offer you the best alternatives.

If you chose this kind of travelling for the first time, you might need some info regarding this way of travelling, life on board, food, accommodation, ports visited along the way, documents and costs. After you are familiar with all these aspects the only thing you have to decide is the area of the world you would like to visit on board a cargo vessel and the duration of your voyage. Depending on availability, you can find more cargo vessel trading the same area and you can choose the most suitable one.

If you are already a keen traveller on board cargo vessels, you will probably need to search for a desired route that would suit you better, with no need for further information regarding the accommodation, food and life on board, which you will discover anyhow before boarding.

In both cases, a travel agency is the perfect choice to make your research easier and more successful. All you need to decide is the port of embarkation/disembarkation (as most suitable for you) and the duration of your voyage. The travel agency will make all the necessary arrangements, will inform you about everything concerning the trip and will offer you assistance and help during the voyage and before it.

There are few shipping companies in the world that offer voyages for passengers on board their cargo vessels and all these vessels and designated facilities are almost the same. There may be slight differences concerning the length of the vessel and on board accommodation, but the other important elements are quite similar. The routes are also similar and you have quite a lot of destinations to choose from.

You can book a trip via:

Freighter Travel (NZ)

Mr. Hamish Jamieson

248 Kennedy Road, Napier, New Zealand

Phone: +64 6 843 7702

Fax: +64 6 843 7684

Mobile: 0274 813 698


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