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Entering the port of Durban

Entering Durban

Durban is the largest city in the Province of KwaZulu – Natal and the principal port for general cargo and containers in South Africa.

The port was constructed on a low area at the mouth of two rivers – Mhlatuzana River and Umbilo River. It consists of an almost land-locked sheltered harbor entered via a single channel, marked by buoys.

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Going ashore in Durban


Located on the East Coast of South Africa and belonging to the KwaZulu – Natal Province, Durban is one of the country’s leading seaports and a very popular summer destinations. Blessed with a long and mild summer, Durban attracts mostly South African tourists who are coming here for the long white beaches and for a wide range of sport and fun activities connected with them.

Unfortunately, not so many foreigners choose Durban as a holiday destination because the city is known to be one of the most dangerous places in the country, with a high criminality rate – targeting especially the white people.

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Going ashore in Singapore


More than 8 years have passed since my first visit to Singapore. It was December 2010 when I arrived in the Brani Terminal of Singapore Port, on board HS Bruckner. That was my first voyage to Asia and the beginning of my never ending love and admiration towards this part of the world (with a few exceptions, of course).

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Music on board


During my voyages at sea, I always love to attend outdoor or indoor parties where a lot of music is sung, played or just listened to. Filipinos are very fond of music and most of them are really good at it, as well. At home, during vacations, and at work – at sea or everywhere – Filipinos always include music in their everyday activities because music is a very important part of their life. Filipinos sing along the karaoke machines in the privacy of their homes, accompanied by relatives or friends, or sing in the karaoke bars which are so numerous around the country.

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New Year’s Eve party on board ALS Fauna

New Year Eve

My 16th voyage at sea started on the 27th of December in the port of Singapore with a new vessel to join, belonging to a new company. I had been looking forward to joining ALS Fauna since the beginning of my husband’s contract (the month of October), but, little by little, week by week, my joining was postponed due to various reasons. Finally, when all approvals were received and everything was prepared for my journey – including documents, papers, plane tickets and booking accommodation – our good vessel was delayed in the port of Durban and the arrival in Singapore delayed as well. So, after spending 4 days alone – including Christmas – in Singapore, waiting for the vessel’s arrival, I was finally able to board the ship two days after Christmas.

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