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Going ashore in Napier, New Zealand

Going ashore in Napier

The beautiful city of Napier is only 15 minute walk away from its port and it is situated in the Hawke’s Bay, at the foot of Bluff Hill. The port is one of the smallest ports I have ever been into and it can accommodate only few vessels, it does not have gantries, but only big mobile cranes.

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Meeting the little blue penguin in Otago Peninsula

Visiting the blue penguin colony

I always like meeting new people in the new places we arrive with the vessel or while on holiday. The locals can be the best guides and they can offer you all the information you need in order to make the best of your visit. Moreover, I always considered the locals as the best sources for tips and recommendation and their help is even more valuable when the visit is very short.

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Going ashore in Port Chalmers (Port Otago)

Going ashore in Port Chalmers

Port Chalmers is situated in the beautiful Otago Harbour – one of the biggest and most spectacular natural harbours in the world –  and it is surrounded on the East by the Otago Peninsula.

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Going ashore in Auckland

Going ashore in Aucland

The biggest port and city in New Zealand, Auckland is situated on an isthmus that connects the northwestern part of the North Island with the North Auckland Peninsula and it is washed by the Tasman Sea (on the West) and Pacific Ocean (on the East).  For this reason, the city has two ports – Manukau Harbour in the West and Waitemata Harbour in the East – known by the names of Auckland West and Auckland East.

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Booking a trip

If you have already decided that travelling on board container vessels is what you really like for a few day (week) holiday, you should spend some time on the internet and make the needed research or you should put your trust in a travel agency and let them offer you the best alternatives.

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