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Voyage HS Debussy (August – December 2014)

I joined HS Debussy together with my husband in the beautiful port of Valencia at the beginning of August 2014. As far as we had known before stepping on board, the vessel was engaged in a Mediterranean SeaEast USA Coast trade with two extra ports in Mexico and it was supposed to remain on the same route for at least 3 months, the duration of the charter with Hapag Lloyd. As our future was uncertain – starting with the beginning of November – I enjoyed the given route very much and I was looking forward to the perspective of one month anchoring as well. In the end, things didn’t come out exactly as I expected them to be, but much better.

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Going ashore in Castellón, Spain

Going ashore in Castellon

Castellón is a beautiful artificial harbour serving the city of Castellón de la Plana, situated in the middle of a fertile plain, ~ 70 km NE of Valencia. If you arrive with your vessel in this port, you should try your best and go out for a few hour walk around the city.

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