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Visitors in the anchorage (Puerto Madryn)

Visitors at anchorage

Two years ago, I was travelling on HS Liszt in the winter of the South Atlantic Ocean. The ship was calling some Argentinian ports with the southern most point Puerto Deseado, ~ 1000 km North of Ushuaia, ‘el fin de mondo’. Although it was winter time, the weather was not very bad and, with temperatures of 14-15 degrees at midday, I could enjoy few hours outside every day. When the sun was shining up in the sky, the day was even brighter and happier for me and for some very funny creatures which enjoyed the sunny day even more.

Halloween Party on board HS Debussy

Halloween party on board

Halloween is the funniest celebration that can take place on board. Most people may think Halloween is a children’s type of holiday, but when you are on the vessel – away from your family and friends – you are allowed to have your part of fun and a distraction like this can be the best and easiest alternative. Having fun – from time to time – is a way of recharging the batteries after a hard week of work and preparing yourself for a next one. The more people involved in the event, the funnier it could get and even the evenings that follow can be brighten up by the hundreds of photos and videos everybody shares with everybody.