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Transiting the Strait of Dardanelles

Transiting Dardanelles Strait

Dardanelles Strait (Çanakkale Bogazi) is situated in the northwestern part of Turkey and connects the Aegean Sea with the Marmara Sea. It is 40 miles long (70 km) and 1 to 4 miles wide (2 to 6 km) and can be transited in both ways.

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Transiting the Strait of Bosphorus

Transiting Bosphorus Strait

The Strait of Bosphorus (İstanbul Boğazi) is situated in the South Eastern Europe and South Western Asia and it connects the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara, separating Asian Turkey from European Turkey. It is 19 mile long (31 km) and varies between 0.5 and 2.8 mile wide.

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Approaching the Port of New Orleans, USA

Entering New Orleans

Approaching New Orleans

The Delta of the Mississippi River extends many miles into the Gulf of Mexico, in a generally SE direction. The river has a least width of 550 m and a clear unobstructed channel, with a few shoals close alongside the river banks. From its total length of 2145 miles, the part up to the port of New Orleans is ~ 95 miles in length.

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Visiting home ports

More than 25 years ago most of Romanian seafarers used to join their vessels in one of our local ports and they usually came back – at the end of their very long contracts – in the same ports, too. Coming to the home port by ship used to be the normal routine for a few thousands seamen who didn’t have to worry at all about their transportation when they were embarking or disembarking as their trip from ship to home (or the other way around) lasted at most for few hours and it didn’t involved any plane.

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Going ashore in Piraeus, Greece

The Port of Piraeus is the biggest port of Greece and one of the most crowded ports of the Mediterranean Sea, handling passengers and cargo. If you arrive in Piraeus on board a port container vessel you’ll get alongside in the TCP Port, also known by the general name of COSCO, not very far from the Passenger Terminal, where ferries are coming and going every hour.

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Going ashore in Ambarli, Istanbul

The Port of Ambarli is generally referred to as the Port of Istanbul and it is situated on the North shore of Marmara Sea, about 34 km West of Istanbul. It is a part of the Port of Istanbul, but it is a separate and independent port, handling all sorts of vessels.

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Fishing at Piraeus anchorage

Staying at anchorage for a few days is not a good option for a passenger who is travelling on board a container vessel – and who is paying for every day of his/her voyage – but for the crew it is a very good opportunity to slow down their rhythm and change the daily routine.

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Approaching Port Everglades, USA

Entering Port Everglades

Port Everglades is an artificial harbour, situated about 2 miles South of the city of Fort Lauderdale. It is an important commercial deep water port, handling different types of vessels and it is one of the major cruise ports in the USA.

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Going ashore in Port Everglades, USA

Fort Lauderdale is the closest city to Port Everglades and the favourite destination for the seafarers who arrive in the port and want to have a few hour relax time outside.

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Melodie – passenger on board HS Bach

In May 2013, I joined HS Bach for a five month contract which proved to be one of the most amazing voyages of my life so far. Apart from taking me to some unknown territories – like Mexico – this vessel offered me the chance of meeting many interesting people and I am very happy to see that most of them became very good friends of mine. Being chartered by one of the biggest shipping company in the world, CMA CGM, our ship received – during our contract – eight passengers on board, all of them signing on for the Atlantic crossing. Melodie was the first of them.

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