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The magnificent nature

During my voyages at sea I had the privilege of watching sunrises and sunsets over three Oceans and many big and small seas on both sides of the Equator. I know that for many people the sun always sets down in the same way and in the same place (with small changes due the seasons) but sunset is always different at sea. The more clouds are involved in the event, the more beautiful the picture is and if the luck brings some more ‘characters’ in the scene the whole show gets an amazing touch of surreal as if it was painted by the brush of a divine artist.

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Dolphins jumping around

Most of you  visited at least once an Aquarium or an Oceanographic Museum and watched a dolphin show. I am sure you enjoyed it. For me, knowing that all those animals are kept captive inside a small basin and forced to jump and play in front of an audience is not something I am keen on seeing.

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Bird watching on board container vessels

People may think that life on board a cargo vessel can be boring if you do not work your way through the night. Staring at the sea and sky all day long and watching the birds and fish may seem very dull for most of the people, but not for nature lovers.

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The beauty that surrounds us

A voyage at sea can offer you the chance to widen your horizons, expand your limits and change your perspective towards the world and things that really matter in life. From all means of transportation, travelling by sea is the best choice a person can make in order to fulfill more goals at the same time: moving from one place to another, but having also time to enjoy the ride and the beauty it brings along the way.

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