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Making new friends in Puerto Madryn, Argentina

The story I am about to tell did not happen at sea, but, as travelling by sea made it possible, I would very much like to include it in the same area. In May 2012, I signed on HS Liszt – together with my husband – for a four month voyage in the South Atlantic Ocean, covering an area between Uruguay and Argentina. This voyage brought out some of the most amazing encounters of my life and revealed to me the beauty of nature as I had never witnessed before.

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Unexpected guests on board (Puerto Deseado)

In the winter of 2012, I was on board HS Liszt, sailing between Uruguay and Argentina. In the most Southern Port – Puerto Deseado (Argentina) – we arrived after the departure of Magellan Penguins and we could only see lots of birds and few sea lions. However, here I witnessed the most courageous jump ever performed by a sea lion.

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Table Tennis Competition on board

Table tennis competition

During long passages across the oceans of the world, seafarers have the time to enjoy at least 3-4 spare hours every day and do the things they like most. Some of them prefer to spend their evening time watching movies in their cabins or in the common areas while others enjoy different and more exciting activities like video games, chess, backgammon, darts or table tennis. After all, being on a vessel doesn’t mean that you have to work 24/7 because you have a fixed schedule of work and resting hours and everybody is entitled to have a few hours of leisure time every day.

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Visiting a sea lion colony in San Antonio Este, Argentina

Sea lion San Antonio Este Argentina

While entering the port of San Antonio Este, the pilot told me about a sea lion colony living on the beach, only 2 km away from the port. I was very anxious to meet the fury creatures and I stepped outside the vessel as soon as we arrived alongside. Since I started my voyages around the world on board port container vessels, I had the privilege of touching land belonging to all continents (except Antarctica) and admiring the immensity of three Oceans and many other smaller seas. These voyages offered me to possibility to discover beautiful and interesting places, meet extraordinary people and live some of the happiest days of my life. Most of all, travelling at sea offered me the great joy of witnessing wonderful encounters with marine animals.

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Patagonia ( March – August 2012)

Patagonia is a region of Southern Argentina that occupies the East part of the Andes Mountains and South of Colorado River. In this area there are some small ports where port container vessels can dock and the most important ones are: San Antonio Este, Puerto Madryn, Puerto Deseado, Puerto Santa Cruz, Puerto San Julian, Ushuaia.

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Whale watching in Argentina (June-August 2012)

Whale watching

The Southern Right Whale can be found in the southern hemisphere, both in the Atlantic and in the Pacific Ocean and it always migrates to warmer waters to breed during the winter. The Right Whale is the slowest of all whales – moving with a speed which does not exceed 10 knots – and it got its name from the whalers who found it ‘the right whale’ to hunt, due to the fact that it was easy to approach and had a high economical value.

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Going ashore in New Orleans, Louisiana

Going ashore in New Orleans

The Port of New Orleans is one of the largest and most crowded ports in the USA and it is situated on the Mississippi River, ~ 95 miles inside. A port container vessel calling the port of New Orleans is usually docked in one of the following terminals: Napoleon Container Terminal or Nashville Wharf.

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Elke – passenger on board HS Bach

I met Elke in September 2013 when she joined our vessel – HS Bach – in Bremerhaven for a trip across the Atlantic, towards Charleston. When I first saw her on the portside wing, upon our departure from the port, I was very happy to discover that, apart from being a very nice lady who loved the sea, she also shared my passion for Italy – Italian music, Italian language and Italian everything.

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The magnificent nature

During my voyages at sea I had the privilege of watching sunrises and sunsets over three Oceans and many big and small seas on both sides of the Equator. I know that for many people the sun always sets down in the same way and in the same place (with small changes due the seasons) but sunset is always different at sea. The more clouds are involved in the event, the more beautiful the picture is and if the luck brings some more ‘characters’ in the scene the whole show gets an amazing touch of surreal as if it was painted by the brush of a divine artist.

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Dolphins jumping around

Most of you  visited at least once an Aquarium or an Oceanographic Museum and watched a dolphin show. I am sure you enjoyed it. For me, knowing that all those animals are kept captive inside a small basin and forced to jump and play in front of an audience is not something I am keen on seeing.

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