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Going ashore in Livorno, Toscana

Once you find yourself in the port of Livorno and you have a few hours to spend and enjoy, you can embark yourself in a nice journey and try to do a little sightseeing.

To go out of the port, the best solution is to call a taxi. Here, the taxi can come inside the port, so it will be easier for you since you won’t waste too much time on transportation. The taxi will take you from the ship and get you into town in less than 20 minutes, and you’ll only have to pay ~ 20 euros.

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Why travelling on container vessels?

Before launching yourself in such a journey, you have to take into account some important aspects. You have to be sure that this is the type of experience you need and can endure because once you put foot onboard a container vessel you can only ‘escape’ when arriving at your destination. Of course, you can give up after one port (if this is possible) but in this case you lose the money you paid for your ticket, or you can try to survive and finish your itinerary. Life is not always easy on container vessel and the fact that you are a passenger on this kind of ship does not give you the right to ask for more than it is already offered. In some cases, you can experience bad weather or the food might not be always to your liking, but these are the risks you have to take before making your reservation.

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Planning to visit ashore?

For seamen and passengers alike, going out of the port for a visit of the city can be interesting and challenging at the same time. All must follow the same rules, obey the same laws and for this reason, it can be easier if passengers and seamen join forces and find together better solution for this problem.

Before going out for a visit, you have to know how long the ship is going to stay in the port, how much time is needed to arrive to the gate and how far the city is. You’ll also have to leave your contact telephone number to the officers on board, so you can be reached in case of some emergency.

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Documents required to travel

If you are a European Union citizen you will not need any visa if your ship is calling European ports. If you travel only inside Europe, you will most probably need your National I.D. You will be allowed to go out of the port and visit the city and come back again to join the vessel and continue your journey. But, if the ship is going to travel to USA, you will need a valid passport and a B1/B2 USA visa. So, regardless your country of residence, if you enter USA by ship you will need a B1/B2 visa (tourist visa), which you’ll have to take in advance (prior to your arrival).

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Who is travelling on container vessels?

There are three distinct categories of people who are traveling on container vessels.

The first category belongs to the people who really enjoy traveling by sea and choose this kind of cruising especially for the beauty and adventure of it. These people are either the adventurous type, or the  lonesome type.

The adventurous type spends all day keeping himself very busy. At sunrise you can find him on the bridge – with a coffee in one hand and the binoculars in the other, enjoying the  wonderful scenery and checking  the horizon for some interesting appearances like birds,  fish or other vessels.

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HS BRUCKNER (January- June 2014)

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