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Going ashore in Voltri, Genoa

The small port of Voltri is only 20 km West of Genoa and it is one of those cities whose centers are just outside the port gate. Going out for a nice dinner or just a walk is something nobody should miss.

Inside the port there is a shuttle bus nonstop service available and walking on the pier is not allowed. The service is free of charge if the ride goes only to the gate close to the Immigration Office – which is more inside the port, but close to the Seamen’s Club Stella Maris. To go to the gate closer to the city, the shuttle bus service requires a 5 Euro fee (regardless the number of passengers). To go there, just ask the driver to take you to the exit close to Pam Supermarket.

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A new celebration on board HS Bruckner (April 2014)

Holidays and celebrations are always different at sea. Although many important  Рand sometimes personal Рevents take place when seamen are on board the vessel and very far away from their families, these moments should not be forgotten, but celebrated.

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Easter on board HS Bruckner

Easter on board is always a very good reason to celebrate and a special occasion for the crew to get together and have fun. This year, Catholic and Orthodox Church celebrated Easter in the same day, a more important reason for everybody on board to join forces and participate in the event.

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Holidays and celebrations on board

When you are at sea, far away from home and your loved ones, the 20-22 members of the crew become your second family for the duration of your voyage. Together with them you travel on calm and rough seas and spend sunny and rainy days, quiet Sundays and white nights in the crowded ports of the world, holidays and celebrations.

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