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Going ashore in Miami, USA

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Because of its location – as the gateway between the United States and Central America, the Caribbean, and South America – the Port of Miami is one of the world’s leading passenger ports. With big cruise vessels arriving and leaving every day and smaller passenger vessels departing every hour, the port of Miami is a dream destination for people all over the world.

Going ashore in Charleston, USA

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To get out of the port, the most reliable choice is to call for a taxi with TWIC permit. There is no shuttle bus available inside the port and walking is not permitted. For these reasons, taxis which hold a TWIC permit are allowed to enter the port and pick up clients exactly from the ship.

Going ashore in Veracruz, Mexico

featured image Veracruz.

Veracruz is one of the biggest and most beautiful ports from the East Coast of Mexico and it is located in the Bay of Campeche – an arm of the Gulf of Mexico. If you arrive in Veracruz aboard a port container vessel, there are 2 possibilities where your vessel can dock.